James & Katie


Our Love Story

It all started in a small bar on the upper west side

And like the saying goes, the rest is history. We met in a small bar in New York City and lived separate lives over 1,000 miles apart as our friendship grew into something you could only see play out in a Rom-Com. It sounds cheesy, but our relationship is built on ‘friendship caught on fire.’ We’ve been through cross-country moves together, loss of loved ones, additions of new family members (dogs, that is), jobs we’ve hated- so it wasn’t hard for us to decide we wanted to work together, as partners, in something that brings us joy and brings us closer as a couple and a team. As one former reality TV camera operator and one professional marketing manager, there is truly no better profession for two hopeless romantics. We love what we do, we love meeting people who are in love, and we love the laughs, happiness, and tears that come from our couples watching their wedding film for the first time.



COFFEE: almond milk latte

WINE: cabernet sauvignon

COLOR: pink

MOVIE: legally blonde & Mean Girls

JUNK FOOD: pizza

Fun Fact(s):

Katie was a cheerleader/performer in

the 2006 macy’s thanksgiving day

parade. she has also competed the bikini

& figure divisions of bodybuilding.


COFFEE: Black/Americano

WINE: Barbera


MOVIE: Dumb & Dumber

JUNK FOOD: Chinese

Fun Fact(s):

James is a police officer in one of the final scenes

of ‘The Dark knight rises’ and a featured secret

shopper on season 9 of ‘Celebrity apprentice.’ HE

has also written a screenplay currently in

distribution in the US and UK!


We’ve been on the other side

We can tell you as a newly married couple - a videographer is always worth it

As vendors, of course we think every couple should earmark part of their wedding budget to hire a videographer. We can tell you firsthand, as a newly married couple that had to pre-plan our budget, videography was at the top of our list with photography. Don’t get me wrong, we are forever in love with our photos (thank you, Jeremy Scott!), but there’s something about seeing the change in facial expressions in the moment, hearing your vows or heartfelt speeches, and seeing moments you may have missed in the chaos of the day. Videography was a special moment for us because very special friends who have had a significant influence on us were there to capture our magical day- and we’re excited to share it with you below!